It’s my Birthday and I have a gift for you

Entrepreneurs are PIVOTING now – and so should you… It’s true – there is a way to turn people’s fear into purpose and because you are the light behind a hard moment your company can and will grow fast!
Everything made for evil can be transformed to your good you just have to listen!
I wanna share something really important with you all – first I am so grateful our lives are connected, second I am here to help however I can during this time that unity and service will be most necessary

When a crisis hits, individuals also have a tendency to put the brakes on efforts to invest in themselves.

Those who push forward will reap the benefits and will serve the society in a crucial way.

It’s those businesses that continue to invest during a downturn that helps us get out of the downturn, and likewise with individuals.

There is no time when your leadership is needed more than during a crisis.
It’s not the pandemic itself that concerns me so much as the reaction to it. During all the previous crises individuals and businesses had a tendency to adopt a “pause, wait, and see” approach.
It’s that “pause” part that does so much damage, and the pause is shaping up to be larger this time than in prior crises.

It’s my birthday and I want to help you get into action and move forward with this downtime we all have. Facebook isn’t the only place to talk to new clients and customers.

LinkedIn and Google are 1st cousins and they talk a lot.

I know, not everyone is a blogger. HOWEVER, you need a place to put your content out on the web that has a link you can share with other people.

You need your story out there for people to learn more about you.

If you are sitting behind a tree too afraid to talk to people, business is going to be hard.

Fall forward imperfectly.

Fall forward willing to learn and apply.

Let me help you.

It’s the action you do NOW that will show up in 90 days.

I want to share my birthday month with you.


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Let’s get moving… we have people who are looking for you and what you have to offer. They won’t know about you until you get out of your way and tell the world you are here to serve them.

I’ll see you on the inside, 

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