The Great Pause Confirmation

We’re locked in a catch-22. If we “go back to work” we spread it. If we stay home, we go broke. I can’t think of a more important time in our country’s history where facts in evidence, objective analysis, and creative solutions are going to be required to move forward intelligently. I am not a […]

How to Sell Anything to Anyone by Telling Great Stories

Stories have been the backbone in life since the beginning of time. A good storyteller will cause you to let your ice cream cone melt in your hand because you are hanging on every word of their story.  A story connects you to someone you just met.  A story can sell your products without ever selling […]

How an introvert gets new business during a pandemic

I panicked when I looked at my check book. My husband and I both had just got paid. I paid the bills and sat there staring at the balance.  We had 2 more weeks before we got paid again. My oldest son had a baseball tournament the upcoming weekend. Which would mean eating out of the […]

Overwhelmed not knowing where to start the feeling of being completely paralyzed!

I don’t remember what night it was but we all went to sleep in one world and woke up in another. Disney ran out of magic Paris was no longer romantic New York was silent The China wall was no longer a fortress Mecca was empty Hugs and Kisses became a silent weapon Visiting friends […]

The media wants you to think the sky is falling

The media is busy at work. They have people scared out of their mind. I have to admit when I was scrolling, reading and listening on and off all day I noticed a shift in my comfort.  Turn it off. 30 mins a day is enough for anybody. Weird stuff is going on.  What I […]