How to Sell Anything to Anyone by Telling Great Stories

Stories have been the backbone in life since the beginning of time. A good storyteller will cause you to let your ice cream cone melt in your hand because you are hanging on every word of their story. 

A story connects you to someone you just met. 

A story can sell your products without ever selling the products

Copywriter Ben Settle put forward a good argument for storytelling in this article for Copyblogger.

Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses (the kind Tom Cruise’s character “Maverick” wore) jumped 40% and all he did was wear the product in the movie and look cool

Air Force and Navy recruitment shot through the roof

The movie was so good at “selling” the young whippersnappers of the day on how cool being a fighter pilot is, recruitment booths were set up inside theaters it played in!

Nothing in “Top Gun” movie told you to buy Maverick’s brand of sunglasses or join The Navy. But the movie “sold” both products to hordes of people.

So, how do you apply this to your marketing?

This one is simple — you just “walk” people (step-by-step) through a painful problem you went through and how you achieved the result your readers are looking for.

If you sell an eBook on how to get rid of painful urinary tract infections, you would tell the story about all the pain your urinary tract infection caused you — including what it was like, how nothing gave you relief, and the embarrassment, humiliation and other physical (and psychological/emotional) horrors you endured.

Then, you segue into how you figured out a way to get rid of that infection by using a product and how you wrote your solution down in a short, easy-to-read eBook …

See how that works?

Never underestimate the power of stories.

They are the chief means by which humans have communicated for thousands of years, and we’re all “hard-wired” to be persuaded by them.

Use them in your marketing and soon you’ll be telling stories about all the money you’re making …

The biggest mistake people make in business is they stop telling stories. 

LinkedIn knows this

Facebook knows this

Instagram knows this

You now know this. 

Linkedin is rolling out stories like Facebook and IG, they are adding more video and the ones who use the tools will get rewarded with more eyeballs on their content. 

I have added a bonus section to the LinkedIn Course where I am showing you every time a new tool rolls on LinkedIn and how to use it to get the best results. 

I pass that on to my students so they can get the same massive results I am getting on the platform.  If you are not on the inside to get the details: Start Here

The more content I add to the course the more it will cost over time.

Or you can be there from the beginning and continue to get the updates as they roll out. 

I will see you there.

 Angela Brooks 

P.S. You can google all over the internet to find what I teach. You can learn how to do almost anything on Youtube. If you know what to search for or… I can show you where the pulse to LinkedIn is and some other cool tricks.

My name is Angela Brooks I’m from Kentucky, a mama who built a big business part-time on my lunch break blogging, using social media power hours. <Link to learn more>

After a rewarding 30+ year career in healthcare as a nurse, it was time to transition my lifestyle to one I had more control of. Burnout is very real. Decades of budget cuts, staff reductions and stagnant wages have resulted in a profession that is grossly overworked and under-compensated. I created a lifestyle that allows me FREEDOM that I had not known before. I expect miracles to show up in my business because of the seeds I plant and how I water them. I expect them for you too.

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