How an introvert gets new business during a pandemic

I panicked when I looked at my check book. My husband and I both had just got paid. I paid the bills and sat there staring at the balance. 

We had 2 more weeks before we got paid again. My oldest son had a baseball tournament the upcoming weekend. Which would mean eating out of the cooler for the weekend. 

Travel baseball is an expensive sport. Eating out, gas to tournaments, hotels. 
If the tournament was an hour or less from home. We would drive home and get up early to drive back for the next day instead of staying in a hotel.
It was a lot of time on the road.

Gas was cheaper than a hotel. I figured if I could make an extra $500 it would take the strain off the checkbook and we could stay over night in a hotel instead of wearing ourself out driving on the road. 

I found a product to sale. I had already decided I would not chase and beg my friends. I didn’t have time for home parties and as a introvert they didn’t match my personality. 

I was not going to talk to every parent at the baseball field on tournament weekends and be the person everybody ran from. Having lunch or coffee with a stranger for small talk is exhausting. Actually all of the things they told me to do was mentally exhausting for me.
I found a way to use social media to attraction people to me without being weird or bugging people.  It’s slow. Like all new business is. Yes, I know, Some people talk about adding 45 people a month to their team.

Well, that has not been me. I am slow, consistent and steady. I am in when everyone else quits to soon. People know my name because they see me consistently showing up – everywhere.

Social Media has put me on stages, connected me with top leaders to partner with and built a business team that duplicates. 

How did that happen? 

I choose to do business my way.

What worked for me and my lifestyle, part-time, learning in my car while I drove, blogging when people told me it wouldn’t work, posting fun post on social media when they told me that didn’t work. People from my company stopped talking to me. I was doing things to different. 

  • They lined up to attend training that worked for some people but not all people. 
  • They took the notes but they didn’t implement them.
  • They made the list of names
  • They chased and begged their friends.
  • They unfriended me on social media.
  • They took me out of their groups.
  • They stopped talking to me at company events when they ask how often I had parties for my business and I said zero.  
  • I kept doing my own thing.
  • I worked in silence and let the results do the talking.

It took me 43 months to replace my 30 yrs of nursing income. 
It took me 43 months to understand I was in the top 2% of the company leaders.
It took me 43 months to look up and understand what I was doing was working double time.

Now here we are in the middle of a pandemic – hot mess – virus thing and what I do still works. I am still connecting to people. 

I had 5 paychecks that kept coming in.

This week I looked at my checkbook and panicked. It was lower than it had been in 5 years because of all the extra food we were buying.

We bought a cow and a hog for the new freezer. We bought my husband his dream TV that will sit on a custom made piece of furniture made out of live edge wood.

I took a deep breath and smiled. We are ok, but the old programming from years ago still pop up. I still pause when making purchases, I still pause when things trigger old patterns.

I have to remember those days but I am so grateful there is another option.

How I run my business is not for everyone. I was starting to get to fancy and pulled back to do the simple things that worked from the beginning. 
They still work today. I teach it. I talk about it. I repeat it And ONLY the ones who hear my words that put it into action will learn what I mean. 

Instead of just selling your products at every party gathering and believe that all people need your products, make an offer at a chance to buy products.  

Why not offer two options.

Option 1: Join My Team
Option 2: Take Home Products and be my customer.

It’s a novel idea really.

Simply, give them the option to join.

If you don’t want to take option 1, then there is this “other” thing you can do, option 2.

At first, I thought it would end up with a bunch of people who just wanted a discount.

People like knowing you don’t expect them to sell.

They just want to use the products just like when they go to the retails stores very week. They go in buy what they want and leave with no pressure to do anything else. 

None of the other stuff matters. It works. 

People started saying yes. They literally will send messages. 

“I need you ID# to place an order.” “I have been watching you on social media. I want to join your team”

And all I did was give them options. 

You can continue reading my emails, blog post, or hanging out on social media. 

Or you can join me in the facebook group where all the cool conversations happens just like this one.

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My name is Angela Brooks I’m from Kentucky, a mama who built a big business part-time on my lunch break blogging, using social media power hours. <Link to learn more>

After a rewarding 30+ year career in healthcare as a nurse, it was time to transition my lifestyle to one I had more control of. Burnout is very real. Decades of budget cuts, staff reductions and stagnant wages have resulted in a profession that is grossly overworked and under-compensated. I created a lifestyle that allows me FREEDOM that I had not known before. I expect miracles to show up in my business because of the seeds I plant and how I water them. I expect them for you too.

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