Are you tracking your progress?

Do you track your progress in your business {{ subscriber.first_name }}? 

Most people don’t. 

Then they wonder why they feel like they are running on a treadmill not going anywhere.

If you are in business you have heard it over and over that follow up is where your money is. 

Yet people still don’t follow up because

“I don’t know what to say” –

“I don’t know what to do once I get someone in” 

I have used many many different tolls from post it notes that sucked, excel spreadsheets
a notebook, my phone google calendar. Several digital software programs and CRM.

It has all been trial and error. 

I am always looking for something that can go with me wherever I go so I have access to my business on the go since my phone is always with me.

Tracking your business

I like to document names, addresses, email, and a note about the conversation, where we connected. As much detail as possible so I can continue the conversation the next time we talk. 

I used to collect business cards – but that went into a drawer and they didn’t get called.

If I make a phone call with someone I make notes in my google contacts so I have as much information about the connection as possible. If you make it into my phone that means I want to have a conversation with that person again at some point. 

Tracking CRM

The rest of my leads go into another type of CRM that is saved in the digital space so if something happened to my paper books I wouldn’t lose my connections.

I am using Trello. 

I have heard so many people talk about the software and the last thing I wanted to do was learn one more piece of software but I needed something mobile – robust to grow – that connected to my calendar and reminders to get in touch with people.

Even if it is to send them a private message on social media after a good conversation to stay connected. 

Digital Tracking Tools

There is SO much you can do with the free version or you can upgrade like all platforms. I needed it add some tools to work on automation for me so I did the upgrade and it is super cheap for a whole year it was $45. 

I have it on my phone, my ipad and of course my laptop. 

When I connect with someone I can add them to my Trello CRM with a follow-up reminder.

Check out the free version. It is simple. Digital and on the go with you. 

I like to things simple, effective to stay connected. 

That is how I have stayed super consistent and on top of many connections I am exposed to a day. I wish I would have had this 10 years ago instead of all these stacks of books I won’t throw away. 

This Tuesday inside the Masterclass I am going to show my clients where they are missing 100 warm leads a day – with one simple step that very few people ever look. 

Warm conversations. 
People they know.
Fun. Simple. 

Keep sprinkling your magic! You are making change in the world.

Angela B 

My name is Angela Brooks, I was a Burnt-out Nurse who turned to Blogging Content Creation | Simple Networking Conversations |Essential Oil Consultant|Digital Marketing Strategy | Author MLM Blueprint Secrets

I started marketing online in late 2010 and was able to retire from my 30 years of a nursing career in 2014 to work from home. I have generated thousands of leads online using social media and made over 6-figures in commissions. Being one of the top leaders in the company, and teaching online for social media prospecting and lead generation to others just like you.

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