Are you a real person?

Social media is a weird place. It is fun, entertaining, a place for business and a place for scrolling endlessly and mindlessly.

We kind of – sort of – feel like we get to know people. At least from our end of the viewing platform but we don’t really KNOW people until you meet them in person.

This week we have watched a “celebrity” person announce their divorce. Without a doubt being in the public eye and have to make that post was hard. Divorce is hard even if you know you need to go through one. People feel like they were “duped” is the word used. They felt like that marriage should continue even though for 3 years they tried to hold it together for the “business”. That’s not fair to them and it makes it even harder in public. We don’t know what is going on in other people’s ‘real’ life. Let’s meet them where they are instead of trying to push them into our agenda

So I ask you “Are you a real person?”  We may have talked on Facebook or LinkedIn but never met in person so I know only what I see from the screen, what you or I share and post.

Then we toss building a business in on social media and things get weirder.

Transitioning friends or social connections to customers and then into a business builder in network marketing is awkward.

You can see the person has an interest but you don’t want to ruin the relationship so you don’t bring it up and the next thing you know is they are all excited telling you about a new opportunity they found. <insert eyeroll here> now you are kicking yourself in the butt for not asking.

When we are talking to ‘friends’ the conversation is uncomfortable but you don’t have to become weird about it. Then when they join something else we get a little hurt.

Avoid the word business. It freaks people out, plus it is overwhelming. Their mind goes to how busy their life is immediately and the next comment is “I am not good with sales.”

How about helping people become customers and let them love the products. Period end of story. No business. No commitment. Just let them enjoy the products.

For them to build a business serves you, for them to just try the products takes care of them. People struggle with having customers, however here is something to pause and think about.

What happens when people use products and have a good experience?

They talk about it. Wal Mart doesn’t pay me to pick up grocery’s every single Friday but I like the pick-up service where I don’t have to do the shopping. As a happy customer I go back.

I told my friend who works nightshift she should order her groceries and pick them up on the way home. She did. I told my mom she should give it a try. She did.

I had a good experience and I posted it on Facebook, and wrote a blog post. Sending customers to Wal-Marts grocery shopping pick up. I got nothing out of the word of mouth sales they received.

Same with my customers. They can send me referrals or I can show them how to get the credit and free products.

Talk to your customers in their language in the place they are in with their own life.

Avoid terms like ‘business’ and ‘prospecting’. Those are scary words. Even though sending referrals is business. It won’t feel like a business.


1. Provide excellent CUSTOMER service.

2. Stay in touch.
3. Send thank you cards.

4. Add them on an email list.

5. Add them to your Facebook group
6. Create a monthly newsletter

7. Create a loyal customer program

8. Make your customer feel important.

9. Stop trying to get your customers to reinvent the wheel allow them to just enjoy one thing at a time.

Top Questions to ask your customers

How did you like the products? Look for specific results and talk about the results. Then ask this question….

If someone you know had – {results} – and never shared it with you how would you feel?
example: = better sleep = no more headaches = lost 10lbs = built their immune system so they get sick less = feel more relaxed and less stressed

Most people love to learn how to get products for FREE –

How can they do that? Show them a simple way to get their products for free. Ask them if they would like to get a free product for each person they connect you with and if that person becomes a customer you can give them a choice. ‘I can give you the free product or we can sign them up under your account and you can earn the income from their order.’

Depends on the person on what they will choose.

If they take the money over the product all you do is show them how to make their money back each month so they are getting FREE products every month. It won’t work for every customer. Some people ONLY want to be customers and that is ok.

Asking good questions keeps you from being a weird sales person. It is all about them – not you. When we stop looking to see what we will get out of the connection and actually serve the person you are talking too. You will find more happy people, satisfied customers, and no pressure to become something they don’t want to become.

Customers like to be able to try a product. If they love it they will talk about it and if they don’t it is ok they got to try it. [Look at what our customers get to try}

People turn into sales monsters and people will run every single time.

Get GOOD at asking questions. Logic is the justification after they buy the products, emotions is what will sell the products never logic.

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My name is Angela Brooks I’m from Kentucky, a mama who built a big business part-time on my lunch break blogging, using social media power hours.

After a rewarding 30+ year career in healthcare as a nurse, it was time to transition my lifestyle to one I had more control of. Burnout is very real. Decades of budget cuts, staff reductions and stagnant wages have resulted in a profession that is grossly overworked and under-compensated. I created a lifestyle that allows me FREEDOM that I had not known before with one hour a day.

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