5 Reasons Why Businesses Don’t Grow

This year is going to celebrate my 10th year in business. When I started I was so green I had no idea how to make a business move forward or find people that were looking for me and what I had to offer.

I persisted because I already knew what it was like working a job and what it took to that with my eyes closed. It helped pay the bills and buy things we needed but it didn’t provide the “extra”.

I have watched people start and stop business like it was a drive through service. As soon as they ran through all of their friends telling them no, and it got down to real work they tapped out.

Here are 5 things I know for sure:

1. Without the right mindset, you are going to struggle. You have to focus on the things you want at the end of the journey and work backwards so to speak. In order to change your mindset, you have to feed it new information and spend time around people that are focused on the same type of results. Find what it is you want to do and then let’s figure out how to make that happen.

2. Branding: Not everyone who gets started with a business or a company knows what their ideal brand is from day one or who their ideal person will be to focus on. It can change and usually does until you find what feeds your soul that you can talk about every day without getting bored. What you will find out is your ideal person looks and acts like you. Why? Because you attract people like yourself.

Your brand is like Nike, even though they have a clothing line and many other products people think of shoes. Your brand will be around what you enjoy. People think they have to change who they are. You simply find the products that will serve the topic you enjoy talking about.

Marketing example: I have a friend who is a makeup artist and only talks about the products in her company that are for facial and skincare along with clean makeup products. People who love makeup reach out to her for their needs and she can help guide them with a custom order. [Reach out to Kim here tell her Angela sent you]

3. Most people HATE sales. The fact is they do sales daily but call it sharing something with a friend. If you watch a good movie or you shop at a store that has an amazing sale. You tell everyone you know to help them out. The store doesn’t pay you to do that you just do. It is the same with your business and your products. You find people who need your support.

Nothing happens in business until there is a sale. But how do you do that without being a creep?

You find out what someone NEED – not what you want them to have. Listening and asking good questions gives them the option to tell you what they are really looking for.

4. Consistency: The #1 skill that every single person needs to remember in business is daily consistency. I have found more times than I can count is that people want a business – they want the extra income – they want what it feels like to be at the top but they aren’t even doing the work it takes to learn how to get out of the first month.

No matter what tool I share with you there will always be a learning curve. I have a system I will get someone started in to learn the basics of online marketing that should take a minimum of 2-6 weeks (depending on the person) to get the basics set up and in place. Then over the next several weeks learning one thing new each week from the training library that they implement not just learn.

5. Leadership: People are watching you grow a business. They are waiting for you to share your successes and your failures. Business is not a straight line to success. It is work. People tell people ‘join me it is easy’. They leave out all the pieces that need to be connected to make it easier.

I can help you. You still have to do the work. I have a masterclass where you have direct access to me to do that. I don’t do messager coaching or training but I will help you inside the group where I can help more than one person at a time. I hope to see you in the Masterclass where I share marketing strategies and tactics on Facebook & LinkedIn. Some of my best social media practices that are simple even for a newbie

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