Hersheys Kisses a taste of Happiness

Hershey Kisses Chocolate, a little product with big results

A popular theory suggests that the possible reason for the unusual name of the Hershey chocolate Kiss comes from the machine that is used to produce the actual candy. As the machine  produces each candy on the conveyor belt, a "kiss" sound can be heard. This theory is  even highlighted on the Hershey Kiss Website. Mr. Hershey decided to name HERSHEY’S  KISSES Chocolates.

Once in a while you have a person come along in your nursing career that gives your heart that extra pull to your heart strings. Mr Bill (names changed for protection of the clients) was one of those.

Bill was a extremely smart man. He had three degrees and a master of none. A handsome man with big blue eyes that talked in rhymes when he spoke most of the time. He would ask me a long technical questions that only a math expert would know. I told him one day "Mr Bill, I don't need to know those things because I have you, and you know those answers already." He smiled, and walked away.

That evening he came up and ask if I had just a small piece of chocolate in my bag. He has a sweet tooth and would just like a small piece. I happen to have a Hershey's chocolate kiss in my bag. I gave him three. The smile on his face was worth what ever rule I broke for his dietary orders.

Over the years he has returned to the hospital, sometime in his stay he will get a hand full of Hershey's Kisses. He said, "Just a small kiss makes everything better".

As a nurse you try to stay with the rules and help the clients eat healthy but if a small kiss makes things all better – I am willing to share. Wouldn't you?

Most of us forget that it is the small things that people remember about us. What we do or say makes a small difference with a large impact. Most of our clients that come in have all they own with them in a bag or small suitcase. It is usually old and worn out but it is theirs.
Mr Bill was a lucky one. He had a home. He had a car. He had a son and a daughter. After many attempts to find him a place to live that could help him stay on his medication. Someone that could look after him – the state began procedures of becoming his guardian. The first order of business is to sell his home and disburse his belongings.
It was the first time since I met this person that a chocolate Hershey's kiss could not fix his problem.
He stayed in his room and cried over his home. He said, "I know it is a mess, and the things I have are no good, the roof has a hole in it, the car doesn't run, it doesn't have any water, but it is mine. I can stay there. I don't mind. As the tears rolled down his cheeks so did the ones run down mine.

The only thing I had was chocolate. A small kiss. I held out my hand. He excepted the kiss with a smile and  squeezed my hand.

Angela is a nurse that has worked for 21 years in the same state funded psychiatric hospital assisting some clients that others might refuse to treat. She works on the psychiatric ward.

She also runs her own company on the side and supports other nurses in how to bring passion into their role at work. Out of the box remedies for speaking to people and more.

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* Please note: I am not here to CURE, DIAGNOSE, Treat or suggest replacements for what a doctor prescribes – I am sharing my nursing adventures with you.

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