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How I built a part-time business on my lunch break blogging for profits that helped me escape punching the time clock.

If you are looking to add freedom to your life with a successful part-time home business on the go you have come to the right place. I teach people what I did to build a business part-time on your lunch break using social media and a blog working a full-time job as a nurse getting up at 4 AM and getting home at 4 PM doesn’t leave a lot of energy for your family or a business.

I understand having limited time in the afternoon but I was determined to change how I spent the hours in my day. I felt guilty like most moms do, giving up family time to build a part-time business. I learned how to squeeze the most in a 24 hour day by using my lunch break and turning my 45 minute drive time to work into a mobile university and office. The one thing that kept me focused was the desire to have freedom from punching a time clock and working someone else’s schedule.

I hated asking someone for the day off. I didn’t like choosing my job over family events. I was struggling to balance a family and build a business. This is what I did…

Who is Angela Brooks? I am a high school dropout that got married at 16 and moved to Italy. To young to get a job and no education.

I went back to school and got my GED. Went to nursing school and worked in the industry for 30 years.

I am married and a mom of two boys who love sports and we travel to their baseball and soccer games every weekend.

What started me on this wondrous path was the rude shock I received one Saturday morning as I stood on the back deck at my house. My husband and two sons were loading up the car for yet another baseball tournament, that I would miss because of work. I cried driving to work that day, That is not like me.

I had to watch my sons game through text message updates instead of sitting on the bleachers. 

These two are my heart

I had signs of burnout, I was angry because I was going to miss yet another big game. Once again, I’d settle for exciting updates from my husband’s text messages and my boys’ joyous recounts of their baseball heroics.

I couldn’t just quit because I had to help provide for my family. But I was really at the end of my rope – exhausted, burn out trying to keep up with a demanding career, and the distress of missing my sons growing up was killing me.

How to use your lunch break to build a part-time income

I came across several business coaches who helped me make my part-time, home business more profitable. I invested in my education and put everything I learned into action. I knew I had to do something different if I wanted to live a different life. December 2014, I was able to retire from nursing and work from home.

I am a high school dropout, who got her GED, went to nursing school, worked for someone else for 30 years and built a network marketing business to a million in monthly sales per month using social media and a blog.

I am like you I wanted to be able spend time with my family without the approval of a boss. I wanted more income than I had bills.

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  5. Hi Angela.
    Great site you have here. I drop by after listening to Sandi Krakowski wordpress sharing. Nice to know you doing well
    Hope to hear from you, james samy

  6. Hi Angela,
    Nice niche and site you have.  I am impressed with what you have put together.  I wish you continued success!  I am following Sandi too and she of course led me here.  Good job!
    All the best,
    Lisa Kneller

  7. Hi Angela, I too was listening to Sandi wordpress sharing.  Our backgrounds are very similar – background Psych Tech and LVN trying my best to learn the wordpress too.  Are you using the Diythemes or one of the other thesis.  This would assist me tremendously.  You did a great job on your site.   

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  13. Hey there,
    You, Angela, are an inspiration to me. Although I am not in nursing, your real life stories inspire me to be all I can be, in what I do every day.
    Thank you for pulling that out in me, for me:)
    As I take part in the online classes with you and Sandi Krakowski, I am amazed at the ease with which you bring your personality to the web. Just want you to know I am watching and learning from you every day.
    Anyone who has the opportunity to work side by side with you is blessed.
    To Your Success,
    Carla J Gardiner

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  16. I loved reading some of your stories. I am a geriatric nurse and love working with the elderly and anyone who is In nEed of my help and support thanks for the stories.

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  18. Sharon Owen McLean

    Hi you well I am impressed at what you are doing, it seems lite years since I worked the same place as you, but I would love to see a book about a nurses experiences at the hospital we worked out. Take care and I wish you the best at all you are trying to do. I love the site and enjoy your stories. Sharon

  19. Thank you Sharon – It does seem like it has been along time since you were there. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the book when it comes out.

    Take care

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  27. It's been many years since Angela & I worked together, but there are 2 things that come to mind when I recall those years. #1. She showed compassion for both her patients & co-workers & #2. She had a great sense of humor. Both compassion & humor are essential when working in such a high stress field. Thanks for giving me some smiles to look back on. Best wishes in any future endeavors.

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  34. wow I love this….. I am only a nursing student but with a great passion for Internet markeing….. hope to get some useful tips from you

  35. As part of Angela’s team I can tell you that she us FULL of passion in helping her teammates succeed! She is a wonderful mentor and I am blessed to call her friend. Thanks for all you do, Angela.

  36. I believe strongly that people cross your path for a reason. They are either to teach you something or you are to learn from them. Angela crossed my path and it has been the best learning experience yet! I love our group, our products, and the business training she has provided for all of us it is TOP SHELF! Especially if you have never done any online business. To see all the women in our group constantly reaching goals, growing their business from home it’s exciting and you really love being a part of such an uplifting positive and successful group of woman. Angela you give us the best of your self and your skills. My 2013 is going to be AMAZING! all because you crossed my path and I chose to welcome the experience, verse letting it pass me by!

  37. It is wonderful to hear that you are able to care for your family, care for your patients, earn the income you desire and not miss anymore big events! Thanks for sharing your stories!

  38. Bridget Mouton

    Thanks Angela for all the personal touches to your online business. I was wondering how to pull it all together myself . . . marketing wise. Nursepreneur . . . burnt out as well . . . is a good angle. I’m in another marketing company, but doing social media and blogging as well. Thanks again.

  39. Hello Bridget! Thank you Lots of burnt out nurses are looking for a new direction but still love what they do. Bitter Sweet – I am glad I can help them

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