Excuses that keep you from hiring a business coach


Have you ever thought about hiring a business coach and didn’t because it was too expensive? Or maybe because you can google how to run a business for free on the internet. After all, you have great friends who have started a business with you to run ideas by. Not that they have ever made any money in their business but they make you feel all nice and wonderful about your ideas (even though they are not producing income)

I want to break some things down for you today that will make you look at a business coach a little differently. If it doesn’t you need to seriously think about getting a job and retiring from there.

#1 Coaches are too expensive

Yes, they do cost money. The reason they are expensive is because you are not seeing the value behind where they can lead you. You are missing the big picture of getting set up in your business to produce income faster than you are doing on your own.

You don’t have to start with an elite coach who charges $10,000 – $20,000 to work with. Find someone who has had success at a price you can afford that has the skills you need now in the beginning. Some coaches choose to keep their cost lower to help more people in the beginning stages than to work with high-end clients.

If people didn’t need to learn a trade or a skill there would be no need for colleges to exist. People know when they go to college they are paying for the training first, and the bill later. You can stagger your business in slow motion or you can join a group of people who will push you for accountability.

#2 I can google all the free content I need

Yes, you can google lots and lots of free information. However, if you do not research the correct format or the right order of the tools you could be using something that will not work as well as another method a coach can share with you. You can not make a million dollars on FREE research, no business education, or without going to the events. It will not happen.

You hire a coach to show you how to see a bigger picture, you get to close to a project and over complicate it or work on a project that is not best for you to do at that time.

#3 I don’t need help, I want to do this on my own.

Meaning you don’t want to be accountable. They are not willing to put in the time it takes to use their content at the max of their efforts. They clearly do not have a plan to move forward so they stay where it is comfortable for them to say they are in business but not moving forward.

#4 Saying out loud what they are doing but nothing to show for it.

When you listen to people who are good with words and they tell you everything they are doing in their business. It all sounds good. Just like you wanting to google how to blog, how to build a million dollar business, how to run a business team, the first place you will go is to google to do your own research about what they are saying.

You find nothing.
Not one thing about them.
They are barely even listed on google.

If you are blogging, microblogging, writing content, gaining rank, building a team, getting awards, posting videos, traveling to events, you should be blogging about this on your WordPress blog. Content is your business. People like to follow you and see how you are building in the silence of their own research before they reach out to you.

If you have made a million dollars but there is no content prove for others to see it. They question who you are and if they should follow you. Being a nice person is awesome but in business they want to follow someone who is going to lead them to business success.

Excuses are holding you in the sludge

No matter what excuse you want to use. If you are not learning from someone who has a bigger circle of business success, you are not using tools to showcase your business, you are using word of mouth as your mode of business only. You are playing too small.

Yes, business takes time to build. No matter who you are the excuse “I don’t have time is pure bull” If you want it bad enough you will reach out to someone for help, stretch your learning to an uncomfortable level and keep pushing.

I know the feeling all to well. I hired a business coach to the sweet tune of $28,000 dollars for one year of training. I 100% expect to earn it back from the knowledge that I will gain under the wing of his training.

The hardest thing for me to listen too are excuses that I know are keeping people from really showcasing their talent. I have heard lots of excuses, some shock me. However, the people you see who have an amazing skill and talent who are playing small. Well…. that hurts to watch.

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