ADHD is not killing your kids

The prescription RX drugs are

Children who suffer from (ADHD) attention deficit hyperactivity disorder have difficulty paying attention and controlling their behavior. Many also suffer from sensory processing disorder, a neurological underpinning that contributes to their ability to pay attention or focus.

There are several natural treatments to control ADHD symptoms. Many parents seek natural remedies to treat ADHD because of the side effects of ADHD drugs such as Ritalin, ADDerall, Concerta and Straterra. Just some of the side effects of these drugs can be increased heart rate, mood swings, nausea, upset stomach and headaches and more.

What are the symptoms of ADHD in children?

  • Children who have symptoms of inattention may:
  •  Be easily distracted, miss details, forget things, and frequently switch from one activity to another
  • Have difficulty focusing on one thing
  • Become bored with a task after only a few minutes, unless they are doing something enjoyable
  • Have difficulty focusing attention on organizing and completing a task or learning something new
  • Have trouble completing or turning in homework assignments, often losing things (e.g., pencils, toys, assignments) needed to complete tasks or activities
  • Not seem to listen when spoken to
  • Daydream, become easily confused, and move slowly
  • Have difficulty processing information as quickly and accurately as others
  • Struggle to follow instructions.

These are just some of the symptoms I have found that are used to judge a childs
activities. This is a list of normal kids active behaviors. Now I am not saying there are
some kids that have WAY to much energy and with out a doubt would wear a mom or
dad out with their busy-ness. The common "fix" is give them a pill (Ritalin, ADDerall,
Concerta and Straterra  ) and with those pills some of the side effects out weight the issue
you started with to name a few decreased appetite, sleep problems, childs growth slows
down and weight loss.

ADHD is a windfall for the pharmaceutical industry. Sales of methylphenidate (the chemical
name for Ritalin) totaled $60 million in 2004 alone. And in the last five years, the average
cost of an ADHD drug has nearly doubled, from $39.03 in 1999 to $76.49 in 2003.


Medications do not cure ADHD. Rather, they control the symptoms for as
long as they are taken.

My question is WHY would you hand you child a pill that is not going to "cure" them – but just
control them for a few hours. The list of side effects changes their whole person into a zombie.
Not to blame or point my fingers at teachers because they have a hard job but they
are teachers not Doctors. Alot of teachers are the ones make the request to place child on

If (you) your child are eating a bunch of junk – your ADHD symptoms
will not improve!

Just eat foods that God made for a while. Stop eating at fast foods like McDonalds. It
is really making your family sick. Kids are addicted to sugar, sugar drinks, candy just
good ole crap food. Start with your diet for two weeks and see if it makes a change.
Diet change is simple and will not harm but only help your child but your whole family.

Watch this video for a eating guide to help your kids change their eating style and stop
medicating your kids. Become your childs advocate, their bodies will thank you.

If America keeps medicating our kids – the  pharmaceutical companies are making millions
off of your children. Don't let this be your child. Watch this video GenerationRX
it is a
powerful and chilling eye openers.

Learn how we can help more children with natural essential health Click here to read

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