Nurses with Mental Happiness are Contagious

Mental Happiness has no cure…it is Viral

Wouldn't you like to have an illness that is not curable … well not just any illness but happiness. There are some people that are so happy you almost have to stare at them to see what is wrong with them, since that is not a normal behavior for the average person.

As a mental health nurse we work with all types of people. All religions, colors, backgrounds, personalities, and more. I am very blessed to have one awesome crew of mental health nurses to work with. As we walk into our work area it is always unpredictable and we come in the door with a slight defensive guard up ready for what ever is waiting.

However when we walk into the nurses office and the "happy crew" is there we all break into smiles and the laughter begins. Now don't take me wrong, every day is not all kicks and giggles but when certain people are on duty it makes a big difference how the night goes no matter what happens with the clients.

Some people have a smile on their face all the time. It is infectious. If you can look at someone who is smiling from the top of their head to their toes and not smile back – You have a problem. How about hearing someone "belly laugh" and not even know what they are laughing at – it makes you smile. Most people will at least stop and look to see what is funny. People really do like to laugh. It feels good, medication for the soul.

The last shift I worked was a great example of smiling. The five staff we had on duty were talking and laughing on the hall. One of the clients walked up and joined the conversation and before long four more came to see what was funny. They forgot about their miserable life situations for a little while and laughed with us. One of the clients were on a one to one meaning one staff will sit with one patient for protection from herself or to others. She had cried all day. She was sad and upset over how life was going for her. She begin to smile and laugh with the staff. She was infected. Not only was she infected she gained courage to make a phone call she needed to make all day and laughed after wards because she felt good for releasing what she thought to that person.

The best part about being infected is it can and will infect others.

These ladies went to bed and woke up the next morning to say "I slept better than I have in a week" and guess what … they were still smiling.

Every body has a Debbie Downer herbivore  they work with. That person needs to dip her hand in the giggle box and smile.

Making someone smile when you can not heal them on the inside is almost better than giving the physical cure. Even better than that … is for someone to smile when they see you coming because you make them feel good.

I hope you will infect someone so they can't be cured.
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Angela is a nurse that has worked for 21 years in the same state funded psychiatric hospital assisting some clients that others might refuse to treat. She works on the psychiatric ward.

She also runs her own company on the side and supports other nurses in how to bring passion into their role at work. Out of the box remedies for speaking to people and more.

Angela's blogtalk radio show is laser sharp for today's world! Learn more about Mental Happiness Support Tools here

* Please note: I am not here to CURE, DIANOSE, Treat or suggest replacements
for what a doctor prescribes – I am sharing my nursing adventures with you.

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One thought on “Nurses with Mental Happiness are Contagious

  1. Dawn Kettell-Ness says:

    We have an opportunity to make a huge impact on the people we touch everyday. When I switched from Med/Surg to labor and delivery, I would tell people that I wanted to be part of people's best day instead of their worst day……But I feel I made so much more of an impact on people when I was dealing with their worst day!!! If we have the power to make someone's day or life better, shouldn't we try our best to do that. I love that I get those opportunites to shine.

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