Duplication Leadership Secrets Revealed


If you have been in network marketing for a day, you have heard this term. You learn, you apply, you teach. The people that you are teaching needs to learn, apply and teach.

Duplication is where your connected team duplicate what you are doing or can they?

Your story is unique to you. No one can tell your story, or tell it like you do with your flare, magnetism, or charisma. It is called an essential ingredient is a USP, a Unique Selling Proposition, something that you can uniquely provide and guarantee.

There is no way I can be duplicated anymore than you can be. The only thing that can be replicated is a system that tells the same story for you over and over.

Why would you need a system to do that?

Because you need to be out using your USP to connect with others that are looking for what you have to offer. No one has your unique abilities, so that is your job. A system can be set on repeat to do the tedious work for you. When it alerts you, it is time for you to showcase your skills by calling the person who has completed the system. You and your USP show up to guide them. It will also sort people for you that are serious and not just window shopping.

In your marketing, you are looking for individuals who think like you. You can sell to people who write the same things in their diary as you used to write in your journal. Why? You understand how they think, how they feel and what it took to change the problems.

You have the answer to the problem. Always sell to a market you already understand.

The truth about building a business or duplication

You have to work. It doesn’t happen overnight. Average 3-4 years for true income to roll in. You must work with people who are high quality, meaning that are listening to what you are teaching them and using it. The ones that are training, and developing their skills, show those people how to duplicate with a system. If they have a pulse and giving you lip service saying yes they want to build a business but aren’t’ doing anything to learn. That is not where you need to spend a lot of your time.

Develop skills you can share

People who are amazing teachers are not able to pass that skill down to the team in your business. People who are amazing at meeting a total stranger and striking up a conversation is not something everyone can do.

I highly suggest getting a system you use that you are committed too and rock it out until it is an auto pilot system for you and your business.

  1. Start a blog – Write daily. It doesn’t have to be pretty, fancy, or perfect. Just write. That is where you will get your leads for your business. Tell your story.
  2. Get Coaching – You don’t know what you don’t know. Find someone who can teach you at the level your in and someone who has the success you are looking for.
  3. Get a System for your MLM – There is no reason for you to sound like a broken record. Get a system that will do the repeated teaching for you. Have your leads fo through the system and it will sort and filter the ones who are serious or window shopping.
  4. Work it like your are out of money and starving. Get serious, talk to people, fill your system with eyeballs who are looking for your USP, a Unique Selling Proposition. 


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