I have finger prints on my windows

by Angela Brooks

windowsNo this little fellow is not mine (smile)

and I cried cleaning them off….

I have enjoyed this week off and being unplugged from my normal business routine of go to work – cook supper – go to my office. Actually I am having a hard time plugging back in – life sometimes feels like a extension cord and everything is plugged in to all of the slots waiting for circuit overload to pop the breaker.

Today I am getting back in the swing of being home after a week out of town. Washing clothes, cleaning floors and wiping the many finger prints off the doors and cabinets. Today as I was mumbling and wiping the dirty finger prints off the doors something hit me…there will be one set missing in less than 8 weeks as my son moves off to college. My bottom lip quivered and the first of many tear drops fell as I continue to clean.

How did all this time slip by so fast? Reality has set in.

I traveled to Florida with my family, mom and the dog for a week adventure of my oldest son’s baseball games. Each morning when I took the dog for a walk I had the privilege to enjoy the hush of the morning and hear only the crashing waves as they hit the Fort Walton Beach. I thought about the many people I have connected with because of business and the many places I have traveled. I also thought about the ones that have asked me for help and out of fear backed up.

“When I get time I will.”

“One day when things are different I will”

“When I can afford it”

“Let me ask my wife – husband – pray about it …”

This could be you – You could have gotten comfortable with your own excuses. If you are frustrated and disappointed with where you are right now you need to ask yourself this question.

“Do I really want it?

On the eight hour drive to Florida I used my iphone as my internet connection and ipad to get a few business task taken care of – along with social media updates. I didn’t spend an eight hours car ride watching the trees zoom by. I used the time to get other task done (in between taking a few naps)

I had an email that irritated when I first read it – the sender was replying back from an email sent to her about The Business Incubator. She said there was too many free things out on the internet to join a mentoring group – she could find the information herself plus she did not want to spend money before she was making money in her business. I wanted to scream “It doesn’t work that way!”

As I read it again I ask myself “How bad does she really want it?”

When I went to college to get my nursing degree I knew the day I walked into class I would be spending lots of hours in class – studying – going to clinical –  and working for free before I could PAY to take the state boards test that would get my license. I had to do all that before I made a dime as a nurse.

When I got out of school I also knew that I would be working as a low paid beginners pay until I had some time under my belt to even earn a higher pay scale.

Why do people think that waiting – getting it free – will start them at the top of their business? The growth comes in the skills you learn on the way up. If we could start at the top more people would be working in the business world on their own without any mentor ship or guidance.

Fear does this
* making excuses
* not asking enough questions
* following too many coaches

If you really want to enjoy your time more because it is not going to wait on you. Learn how the business incubator can help mentor you to the next step. Seriously it doesn’t have to be hard – lonely or frustrating through every single step.

I am tired of all the hype just like you and I have under priced The Business Incubator on purpose from the normal mentoring programs in the industry – so I can serve more people like you who really want to move their business to the next level or you can continue to make excuses waiting for the right moment to come along.

Trust me… time is moving forward just like cleaning the finger prints off my windows and doors. Those too will be gone way to fast.

Angela Brooks is a retired nurse after 25 years in mental health. She used her lunch breaks to build her business part time on the night shift. Her car became a mobile university as she listened to business training, coaching calls on CD and phone webinars. She blogged while she was at her sons' baseball practices.

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