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Have we met?

My business taught me that the products are the highway to meet amazing people around the globe, friends I would not have without it, stories that have changed me, personal development expanded me, It teaches you who you really are not who someone told you that you were.

The income provides experiences, the more I make means the more life’s that are changing. It is a report card, not a bragging board.

This Will Completely Disrupt the Industry

To every single online entrepreneur… STOP… Making this so hard.  In my beginning, all I had was a blackberry phone and very few online resources. I had my phone —> My belief that something was out there for me —> and some badass bravery to keep pushing forward.  Most of you need help.  Start there… […]

Attraction Marketing: Generate Leads you want to work with on Facebook

If I give you a few tips on finding leads to talk to for your business would you actually try it? The big question I get asked about marketing social media is “I don’t know when to post on social media” – Highest traffic occurs mid-week between 1 to 3 pm – On Thursdays and Fridays, […]

Leverage your Freedom

OK, what is leveraged freedom I’m not sure you’re ready to hear this, but it’s time you know the TRUTH. This is for your own good, and if you ever want to STOP STRUGGLING with your biz, then you’ll thank me for this tomorrow. The top leaders, speakers, and highest paid marketers out there today are NOT […]

The three foot rule still works?

  Today’s article is sure to create a storm of questions so I’ll be sure to do my best to answer them as we move along. But this is a very critical article that is being written with a heart of compassion and understanding for a very specific group of people. In the world of network marketing, […]


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