Your story is someone else’s encouragement

I know the power of a good story. Some people are really good storytellers and then there are some who drag a story out until you are begging them inside your head to hurry up already get to the point. I didn’t want to be that storyteller. I have never really given my story much […]

100 Videos in 100 Days

Who am I… I HATED videos. I don’t mean I just didn’t like them… I hated them. I rarely go back and listen to what I said because … well … I don’t like listening to myself on camera any more than you do. Yes, you. I already know that is why you get nervous […]

What’s the most difficult thing about starting your own business

I was scrolling through Facebook and came across and post where over 548 comments had been made about their struggles in business. I didn’t read all 500 but I scrolled through a lot of them and responded to a few. Some of the comment mentioned were: Lack of confidence Lack of marketing knowledge How to […]

Becoming A Network Marketing Talent Scout

Become a talent scout and watch how people will be attracted to you. Watch how you will enjoy your team. A Team’s longevity depends on duplication and the type of people that you recruit. Every team builder knows that talent is the lifeblood of an organization. From businesses to sports teams, music companies to movie studios, […]