Why You Would Be Brain Dead Not to Own a Business

It’s Tax Season in just a few weeks.  Thank goodness I am not a CPA.  I am thankful FOR my CPA. People will start getting their W2’s and 1099’s. These documents will show all the money they are donating for free to taxes listed on the stubs.  Painfully that they will never see again. If you make $50,000 in taxable […]

Your story is a big part of your business. Are you telling it?

You are invited to a 1/2 hour with Terry Gibson and myself this coming Thursday at 1:00 PM Central time zone. If you are unable to attend live – register to get the replay or make sure you are in the Masterclass Facebook group. Terry is a native of Dallas, TX, lived a few years […]

This Will Completely Disrupt the Industry

To every single online entrepreneur… STOP… Making this so hard.  In my beginning, all I had was a blackberry phone and very few online resources. I had my phone —> My belief that something was out there for me —> and some badass bravery to keep pushing forward.  Most of you need help.  Start there… […]

FREE 5-Day Challenge: Step-by-Step Exactly What to Post

Everybody wants to use social media for their business.  Only a few actually take the time to learn the skill it takes to get social to work for them. However, very few know what gets people’s attention and what makes them respond. When you learn how to optimize your profile to position you as the […]