5 Actions you can take on social media to maintain connections with your clients and networks

It has been almost two weeks… How are you doing? I have enjoyed my boys being home. Never thought my kids would be homeschooled and here we are doing well.  I have people asking “How do I manage my time working at home.” It’s harder than they thought it was. The key “Power hour” I agree. […]

It’s my Birthday and I have a gift for you

Entrepreneurs are PIVOTING now – and so should you… It’s true – there is a way to turn people’s fear into purpose and because you are the light behind a hard moment your company can and will grow fast! Everything made for evil can be transformed to your good you just have to listen! I wanna share […]

Are you taking your own advice

I spent half of my life working in a psychic hospital. Literally half of my life. I started working as a 22-year-old angry bitter young woman who was newly divorced and dove into another relationship way to fast. The atmosphere was stressful. The energy was dark. The employees were negative. I fit right in. Yes, […]

What do you believe about money

I don’t talk about money much. That’s going to change. You need money. Money is not a bad word. Do you believe that making money has to be hard? Do you relate to making money as being fun?  What I do know is the more you make the more you can give. The trick behind making […]