The Royal Wedding Captures the Attention of a Nurse

As I sat watching in awe of the proceedings of the royal wedding between Prince William the Princess Kate Middleton I was amazed at how many chronic mental patients also wanted to sit in front of the TV for the royal event. Many of them in sweat pants and house shoes with a .40 cent cup of decaffeinated coffee in a plain Styrofoam cup in their hand. We all sat glued to the royal proceedings in awe of the love story. A life style very few would ever get to experience. We watched as history was being made and the glamour unfolds. The 9 men sat and observed the cars and I was watching the hats and the dresses either way the view was fantastic.

I found it odd that the men were interested in the historical event, but it made me smile watching them and listening to their comments. I began thinking of the things that made me love my job as a nurse.

1. I really like the way the patients remind me how blessed I am for my health and my good mind.

2. I really like when an emergency takes place how the team I work with springs into action without words being spoken. Everyone knows what has to be done and as a confident team it gets done.

3. I really like when I have worked with a patient for several weeks and get to watch their illness get better and smile come across their face again.

4. I really like when I get to meet the patient's family and see the extensions of who they are. All the good people that you meet over look the few that want to complain and find fault.

5. I really like sitting and hearing a patient talk about where they have been and who they were before I met them. I really like hearing them laugh even when everything is not ok.

6. I really like working with a professional team of men and women who work well together. The patient is the main concern and we strive to make sure their needs are met over and beyond with caring and compassion.

7. I really like when a patient says thank you that one covers all those that did not. 

I did not grow up as a little girl wanting to be a nurse that was not a dream job for me. It came about because I needed a trade that would travel anywhere I lived. There was a school close by and I choose to go to nursing school because the business school was too far away. It turns out that it has been a fulfilling job with many stories to tell.

Being a nurse is far from a royal job, nor is it a walk down the red carpet. It is rewarding in many ways that out do the days of no staff, bad patient's moods, cleaning human waste, and all the dirty jobs that go along with it. The rewards come in smiles and thank you even if they are far and few in-between. We as nurses get to touch lives and see the inside of another human when they are not at their best. We also get to see how they respond to their situation as a human being with feelings that sometime even surprise them.

I have laughed so hard my belly hurt, I have hugged my patients and cried, Held their hand as they took their last breath, comforted them when they were scared, listened as long hidden secrets were revealed, said good bye and passed on good wishes to someone I would never see again.

 I am a nurse who is proud to be a care giver to someone just like you.


Angela Brooks is a leading distributor of Young Living Essential Oils. Dedicated to natural health solutions, Brooks provides people with healing alternatives without harsh side effects. Additionally, Brooks is a mental health nurse committed to bringing mental happiness to the nursing profession by motivating and supporting nurses around the country.



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2 thoughts on “The Royal Wedding Captures the Attention of a Nurse”

  1. That would make my day to see men watching the Royal Wedding. Don't you just love it when they cry during a movie too? Shows they have a soft heart. They must really love and appreciate you Angela, even though we have never met, I sense we are kindred spirits!

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