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16 Essential Oils for Powerful Prayer Anointed and Blessings with Kathleen Harvey

I invited an amazing guest speaker: Kathleen Harvey is a Diamond in our network marketing company who has a special skill of sharing the use of oils through the anointing and speaking the blessing of oils over your day your spiritual calling. 50 minutes of amazing content that I would like to share with you. * How […]

Set up your business checklist

Interweaving your home business with what you are already doing in life will allow things to flow so much easier. I see people changing who they are and how they live to present their business. I ran my business on the road with my boys baseball sports. I took my ipad with me and wrote […]

7 Structures that need to be in place for your business

Treat your business like a business and get paid like a business. Treat your business like a hobby and will get paid like a hobby   When you go into business with the vision for money only – you miss the true value of being in business. As a nurse I have spent my life […]

Let’s chat about business

Life is not a dress rehearsal DO IT now Business starts with you. Did you know that there are people out there that would never do business with me because we do not connect, but they met you because of me and  you two connected immediately. Business is not who YOU know but the connections […]

What Will Home Party Be Like In 100 Years?

  Who cares what a home party looks like in 100 years right? With the speed of online and mobile devices we will be lucky to still talk to each other. After 4 years of working my Young Living Essential Oils business and Social Media Profits all online – this past weekend I broke out […]


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