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3 Ingredients to Building a Brand and Online Presence

It doesn’t matter what type business you are in or what you sale you must stop spinning your wheels and learn how to have a true online presence and have a consistent income.

Here’s What Industry Insiders Say About Entrepreneurship

Simple stories about how people got started in Network Marketing and why. They could have used excuses but they saw a light that drew them in to learn more. It changed their life in so many ways.

Becoming A Network Marketing Talent Scout

Become a talent scout and watch how people will be attracted to you. Watch how you will enjoy your team. A Team’s longevity depends on duplication and the type of people that you recruit. Every team builder knows that talent is the lifeblood of an organization. From businesses to sports teams, music companies to movie studios, […]

Motivation Is Garbage

Motivation Is Garbage

Motivation is garbage and you know I have to agree. That is not what pushes me to my laptop every day to work on my business. Mel Robbins is a powerhouse speaker with one of the top 20 TEDx talks in the world. This former criminal defense attorney turned on-air commentator and CNN contributor exposes […]


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