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Facebook is Down

Early today I was prepping to do a Facebook Live when I noticed my post was still spinning.  I was talking to a friend about her course she just finished on Instagram and tried to send a picture that would not go through then I saw the other post… Since Instagram is owned by Facebook […]

Overwhelm STEALS energy

MOST people have never realized the connection between true overwhelm and lack of belief. There’s a difference. Overwhelm means: a strong sudden emotion. Meaning it is not an action but an emotion usually from the lack of action. When you feel overwhelmed in your business it is usually because you are looking at the end […]

Why your Facebook posts aren’t getting likes

You have been posting on Facebook every day but no one is liking your post even though you are liking their post. You are seeing all of your friend’s posts and you feel like a ghost. What is going on? Facebook is in control Facebook is watching you. They know your routine better than you […]

The three foot rule still works?

  Today’s article is sure to create a storm of questions so I’ll be sure to do my best to answer them as we move along. But this is a very critical article that is being written with a heart of compassion and understanding for a very specific group of people. In the world of network marketing, […]


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