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5 Reasons Why Businesses Don’t Grow

  This year is going to celebrate my 10th year in business. When I started I was so green I had no idea how to make a business move forward or find people that were looking for me and what I had to offer. I persisted because I already knew what it was like working a job […]

Are you taking your own advice

I spent half of my life working in a psychic hospital. Literally half of my life. I started working as a 22-year-old angry bitter young woman who was newly divorced and dove into another relationship way to fast. The atmosphere was stressful. The energy was dark. The employees were negative. I fit right in. Yes, […]

Crabs in a bucket stay in a bucket


Do you like playing with crabs? The kind with pinchers …they have no feelings when they grab your fingers and clamp down? Most people play with crabs with a stick to keep them at a distance so they don’t pinch. Crabs will pull their own family and co-existence back down in the bucket if they […]

It has been 9 years

9 yrs … And I still enjoy opening these boxes. It was these little bottles that cleared respiratory goo that jumped on Dale and I this weekend and kept Milo my youngest son from getting it. 48hrs later and we are both good.  It was these little bottles that helped my husband in Vegas when […]

Top Earner Academy Live 2019- TEAL

If you follow me on social media especially Facebook and Instagram you saw that I was at the TEAL – Top Earner Academy with Ray Higdon. This post is pulling some of my notes together to share with you thoughts and conversations we had behind closed doors and in the main event. I was also […]


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