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Stay Focused On The Profit Activities In Your Business.

As awesome as Social Media is, it can be a huge time suck and beforeyou know it, you’ve spent ALL DAY online and you’ve generated minimalresults… or am I the only one that’s been there? Automation, Systems and Leverage is a must to have in your business or you will be spinning your wheels in […]

How to slay your business in less than an hour a day

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, lead generation is important. How else will you grow your business and get new wonderful people to serve? Yes, we are serving them right where they are. I am not looking to change people or wave a magic wand. As a small business owner, it’s clear you need […]

How many people do I have to sponsor

But network marketing people will ask “How many people do I have to sponsor?”

When the question should be how many lives do I want to change?

Today is my Birthday

I bet you’re wondering why I am telling you it’s my birthday. Like the world, itself really cares right? Today, I turn 51. (March 20th) 10 – 20  years ago when I said it was my birthday it meant the beer was cold and the shots of tequila were going to be passed around the table. […]

2 Business Strategy that out teach your competition

I am in the Sarasota Florida – as Matthew, the hurricane is making his presences known on the other side of the state – with Ray Higdon for a business training retreat. Today was “diamond” coaching clients day with Ray locked up in a room along with his top team members helping us work on […]


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