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Part-time work from home

When someone hears the words work from home they immediately think it is going to be easy peesy. Work when you want too – no boss – no time clock. Most of that is true… However, there is work to be done and you are the one who has to get it done. You get […]

The world just went virtual

We are all home with more time on our hands than we ever have had. Some people are using it to clean those closets that have needed it for a very long time. Some are exercising, some are binge-watching Netflix. People are scared mostly because they know they have not set their lifestyle up to […]

Valuable resources to build a network marketing business

Most business people are building their business from their smartphones or do 85% of their business from the palm of the hand.  I wanted to share some of the top apps I use on my phone to access all my files and contacts within a few clicks. Some of these links maybe affiliate links but most […]

Today is my Birthday

I bet you’re wondering why I am telling you it’s my birthday. Like the world, itself really cares right? Today, I turn 51. (March 20th) 10 – 20  years ago when I said it was my birthday it meant the beer was cold and the shots of tequila were going to be passed around the table. […]


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