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Freedom, Flexibility, and Fulfillment

If you want to grow your e-mail list to get more leverage, sales and signups in YOUR specific business… this will be the most valuable 5-day training series you’ll ever experience.

It has been 9 years

9 yrs … And I still enjoy opening these boxes. It was these little bottles that cleared respiratory goo that jumped on Dale and I this weekend and kept Milo my youngest son from getting it. 48hrs later and we are both good.  It was these little bottles that helped my husband in Vegas when […]

Top Earner Academy Live 2019- TEAL

If you follow me on social media especially Facebook and Instagram you saw that I was at the TEAL – Top Earner Academy with Ray Higdon. This post is pulling some of my notes together to share with you thoughts and conversations we had behind closed doors and in the main event. I was also […]

Don’t be Ashamed of your Story, it’s exactly what someone, somewhere needs to hear

We all have a story. Some are prettier than others. Some have flaws and some don’t. Most are not perfect hallmark stories and if they are they are rare. It is hard to talk about things that have been painful in our lives and so often we hide them because we don’t want to relive […]

Your Income Follows Your Personal Growth

This past week I joined my mastermind group in Orlando Florida for a 2-day emersion into business strategy with Ray Higdon for my personal growth. (See the photo album here) Four people in the room spoke on the GoPro stage just three days prior to our event. The old saying about who you spend time with […]


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