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You have been lied to

It is time to stop the lies and stand up. Stop waiting for someone to give you approval, give you permission. It’s 32 days until the end of 2020. This year has been one of fear, confusion, growth, setbacks and slowdowns, and much uncertainty. We have heard the word NO enough this year for a lifetime. […]

Angela is just like you

Someone ask me… Angela what is it you do exactly? I am a digital & Network Marketer. Which freaks most people out and they say something like. “Oh” – I am super proud to be connected to an industry that takes average – normal – ordinary people who say all the time “Oh I could […]

Do’s and Don’t for Social Media

Facebook users are going to LinkedIn and treating a business platform like they do Facebook. Each platform has a few simple tweaks to make them work. You must know the difference. Lets master the platform to get results.

Part-time work from home

When someone hears the words work from home they immediately think it is going to be easy peesy. Work when you want too – no boss – no time clock. Most of that is true… However, there is work to be done and you are the one who has to get it done. You get […]

Becoming A Network Marketing Talent Scout

Become a talent scout and watch how people will be attracted to you. Watch how you will enjoy your team. A Team’s longevity depends on duplication and the type of people that you recruit. Every team builder knows that talent is the lifeblood of an organization. From businesses to sports teams, music companies to movie studios, […]


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