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How to Sell Anything to Anyone by Telling Great Stories

Stories have been the backbone in life since the beginning of time. A good storyteller will cause you to let your ice cream cone melt in your hand because you are hanging on every word of their story.  A story connects you to someone you just met.  A story can sell your products without ever selling […]

Feel the Pulse of LinkedIn’s Heartbeat

This past weekend I spoke at a conference where only about a dozen people raised their hands when I ask … “Do you use LinkedIn in your business?” Not only did they not understand what it could mean for your business they didn’t understand the power of the profile and where to put their finger […]

Secrets to LinkedIn for Business Owners

I once read that 85% of your financial success, is based on personality.  The other 15% based on skill.  When I first found LinkedIn I thought it was an online resume’ and I kept mine up to date but really didn’t see the use for it. I saw people talking about linked in but got […]


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