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Feel the Pulse of LinkedIn’s Heartbeat

This past weekend I spoke at a conference where only about a dozen people raised their hands when I ask … “Do you use LinkedIn in your business?” Not only did they not understand what it could mean for your business they didn’t understand the power of the profile and where to put their finger […]

LinkedIn Recommendations

If you have been following me for the last few months you know that I have jumped into LinkedIn and have found some pretty amazing results. Today I recorded a video on LinkedIn talking about another neat tool that no one is using. LinkedIn has the reputation of being a job recruiting platform, but it […]

Secrets to LinkedIn for Business Owners

I once read that 85% of your financial success, is based on personality.  The other 15% based on skill.  When I first found LinkedIn I thought it was an online resume’ and I kept mine up to date but really didn’t see the use for it. I saw people talking about linked in but got […]

Should Entrepreneurs Bother With LinkedIn

Education leads to sales An informed customer is the best customer. Sure, you will attract impulsive buyers or spenders along the way but, a customer who makes an informed decision will be with you for the long haul. Therefore, educate them! This strategy works exceptionally well for both product and service-based businesses. Think of LinkedIn […]