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Feel the Pulse of LinkedIn’s Heartbeat

This past weekend I spoke at a conference where only about a dozen people raised their hands when I ask … “Do you use LinkedIn in your business?” Not only did they not understand what it could mean for your business they didn’t understand the power of the profile and where to put their finger […]

Three Secrets to Leveraging LinkedIn in Less Than an Hour a Day

I met this beautiful mama in ‘heels’ –  AKA “heeler” Marina Simone  in the bathroom in Orlando… Yes, in the bathroom.  ​It was a gorgeous big bathroom and … you know girls talk. ​She was nauseous because she had LITERALLY just found out ​she was pregnant with baby Madelyn. She laughed and said, “I haven’t told anyone yet”  and right there […]

LinkedIn Recommendations

If you have been following me for the last few months you know that I have jumped into LinkedIn and have found some pretty amazing results. Today I recorded a video on LinkedIn talking about another neat tool that no one is using. LinkedIn has the reputation of being a job recruiting platform, but it […]

LinkedIn became the Professional Facebook

LinkedIn is the most powerful marketing tool of the 21st century and there are three main reasons why — media, partnerships and clients. I believe that regardless of industry, size or location we are all in the business of marketing. And to be a successful marketer, I believe its 10 percent what you say and […]