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16 Essential Oils for Powerful Prayer Anointed and Blessings with Kathleen Harvey

I invited an amazing guest speaker: Kathleen Harvey is a Diamond in our network marketing company who has a special skill of sharing the use of oils through the anointing and speaking the blessing of oils over your day your spiritual calling. 50 minutes of amazing content that I would like to share with you. * How […]

Wine and Oils

I am sure you have heard that oil and water don’t mix? This weekend we found out that wine and essential oils do at the Carriage House Vineyards If you know me at all the “home party” get up is not my thing. I have run from those parties for years and refused to use that […]

How to choose high quality essential oils

The most common question, I get to ask about essential oils is what makes them different than the ones at the local grocery story or the other companies who carry them. If you want to get on a hot topic of conversation find someone who uses the opposite company than you do and watch the tension […]

Homeopathy & Frankincense and Myrrh Lotion

The Truth  – A Global Quest 9 part docu-series is now playing each episode LIVE online through October, they are talking to doctors around the globe to teach how to feed your body the healthy alternatives to support optimal health. I am by no means against western medicine, but if I have a choice I […]

100 Club Member for Essential Oils

  People underestimate the power of words that are in blogging content. In the Social Media Profits course where I teach about all the tools that I have used in my business and why they have been such a business builder for me to be able to leave my job of 25 1/2 years as […]


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