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3 things that are really simple

I have gotten lost in my business learning all the flashy tools… funnels… landing pages… being the teacher of all things. Building courses that took hours of work to build and consistently updating. Oh and hiring people to help pull it together to look presentable but not necessarily profitable.

Fact is… I always come back to three things that I use in my business consistently, rinse and repeating. That is my specialty. That is what I enjoy. That is what I will do when everyone else says it is stupid or doesn’t work.

Duplication is more important than being amazing

Have you ever had a mentor that was outstanding? That knew all the ends and out and could recite the rules without even glancing at their notes? They could do training after training for their team without so much as a nugget of help from others. You can call this person and have one on […]

Duplication Leadership Secrets Revealed

Duplication…. If you have been in network marketing for a day, you have heard this term. You learn, you apply, you teach. The people that you are teaching needs to learn, apply and teach. Duplication is where your connected team duplicate what you are doing or can they? Your story is unique to you. No […]


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