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3 things that are really simple

I have gotten lost in my business learning all the flashy tools… funnels… landing pages… being the teacher of all things. Building courses that took hours of work to build and consistently updating. Oh and hiring people to help pull it together to look presentable but not necessarily profitable.

Fact is… I always come back to three things that I use in my business consistently, rinse and repeating. That is my specialty. That is what I enjoy. That is what I will do when everyone else says it is stupid or doesn’t work.

This Will Completely Disrupt the Industry

To every single online entrepreneur… STOP… Making this so hard.  In my beginning, all I had was a blackberry phone and very few online resources. I had my phone —> My belief that something was out there for me —> and some badass bravery to keep pushing forward.  Most of you need help.  Start there… […]

Can I be honest with you

Can I be honest today? Everyone wants to know how to get to the easy street. You know the one where money pops into your account and you don’t have to work really hard to make it happen. Well, I didn’t get the directions to that side of town. I taught myself how to build […]

If your business fails, it’s probably your fault.

I am sure if you have read the title to this post it got your attention for a reason. It was because you wanted to see my comment or maybe because you could be scratching your head about a business fail. If your business is failing it is easy to blame someone else. The bad […]

Get Your Inspiration On

Let me start off by saying I took the long route to financial freedom. It was the longest road to an extra $500 I ever walked. more like crawled in the mud….just saying… I could have worked 26 extra hours and made that much money and did it many times. I was not focused on […]


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