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Happy Independence Day

Back in 1776 the leaders of 13 coloniesin the now United States made a bold decisionto claim freedom from Great Britain. They sacrificed everything for what they believed in,and won their freedom. And today we celebrate. FOR JUST A MINUTE WONDER… Those 13 men affected the entire United States 243 years later we are still celebrating what theyfought for. […]

The fear of success and the emotional struggles

A friend and I were talking today about life – business, people, and stuff and it seems there are 5 things that are pretty common with anyone in a business or doing anything that is different. When you begin to shift people like to place themselves on a pedestal and talk negatively about what you are […]

Things no-one told me about being an entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur means taking charge of your income, your projects, your schedule and freedom from actually going to a job. To be very honest, being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. It is hard work, and you have to push through fear and drive past things you don’t understand. At times it can be […]

Are you growing your business or playing dress up?

A few weeks ago I decided that I would take the month of May off from private coaching and offer a group to reach more entrepreneurs who were wanting to take their business online at a very reasonable price called the Marketing Infusion. It has all level of people in the group who are learning how […]

How to make your Brand in Demand

I was invited to speak during an online event called the Brand in Demand Virtual Workshop Series by its founder and host, Sherry Mirshahi-Totten. She’s a Brand Strategist, Huffington Post Blogger, and Founder of Make Your Brand in Demand. That’s because this will help established entrepreneurs turn their personal brand into a movement so they’re […]


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