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Simple 7 Step Method to DOMINATE Your Industry

Do you know what can happen if you apply this formula to your business… Imagine having people reaching out to YOU every day asking YOU about YOUR business, products, and services?! Imagine having your Facebook inbox flooded with hungry prospects who initiate conversation with you, and are excited to learn more about YOUR opportunity?! Listen […]

Don’t be Ashamed of your Story, it’s exactly what someone, somewhere needs to hear

We all have a story. Some are prettier than others. Some have flaws and some don’t. Most are not perfect hallmark stories and if they are they are rare. It is hard to talk about things that have been painful in our lives and so often we hide them because we don’t want to relive […]

3 Things every baseball mom needs to know

I became a baseball mom 17 years ago at the time I am writing this blog post. I didn’t think much about it other than he wanted to play ball so we signed him up for coach pitch. We got our assignment as parents for snacks and drinks and which game we needed to bring […]

The Entrepreneur vs Employee Mindset

The Entrepreneur vs Employee Mindset journey…. I had no idea what I was getting into. I knew so little… no wait… I knew nothing when I got started. I was drawn to business like your nose is to the popcorn counter at the movie theater (smell it – LOL ). I have wanted my own […]

I failed

I failed… Not once but 6 times When I began network Marketing there was little training offered like it is now. I worked full time night shift. Going in three days a week at 6pm and getting off work at 7am. Sounds like a good schedule doesn’t it. There were many many weeks I worked […]