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The fear of follow up is killing your business

Good morning Influencer!  The fortune is in the follow-up they say…The fortune is in the connection they say… Yet 70% of the time people do not follow-up. They may follow up once…  When they hear the word no they never reach out again and the next thing you know is they have signed up with […]

Happy Independence Day

Back in 1776 the leaders of 13 coloniesin the now United States made a bold decisionto claim freedom from Great Britain. They sacrificed everything for what they believed in,and won their freedom. And today we celebrate. FOR JUST A MINUTE WONDER… Those 13 men affected the entire United States 243 years later we are still celebrating what theyfought for. […]

Running a perfect business

Today’s podcast talks about running a perfect business and how it is can crush your message when you wait too long. It is not the perfect colors, the perfect script or the perfect video that takes your business to the success you are looking for. It is this one thing… Listen to number #25 “Running […]

Simple Tips to generate leads sales and conversation

The purpose of business is to solve other people’s problems. They are called online leads. As networkers, we ask people if they have a problem (that we can fix with our business) … and then ask if they want to fix their problem. That’s it. If they want to fix their problem, we help them. […]

Overwhelm STEALS energy

MOST people have never realized the connection between true overwhelm and lack of belief. There’s a difference. Overwhelm means: a strong sudden emotion. Meaning it is not an action but an emotion usually from the lack of action. When you feel overwhelmed in your business it is usually because you are looking at the end […]