Stressed out Nurses

Do you know what a stressed out person looks like? How about a stressed out nurse? They are the ones that can look at you and almost not see you because they have so much on their mind, or they could be the one that looks like they are about to cry. The jaw line is tight, the body language is ridged. The patience level is short and to the point.

There are days that are stressful for a nurse she/he almost forgets why they choose the field to work in. Their diet becomes mostly fast food, or something that is quick to swallow so the rumbling in the belly will stop. Carbon beverages become the normal drink because water is rarely offered in a vending machine. Anti-acids, nerve pills and something for depression is tucked away in way to many nurses purses.

Do you remember your first day on the job as a nurse and how proud you were to be on the floor with patients to serve? You bounced into each room with a smile and willing to help whatever the need was.
Then you add doctors who were requesting your time and then the family dropped by and wanted to speak to room 203's nurse. After a while even you knew that the head nodding and the smile was just something you did on autopilot.

By the time you get home after a long shift you feel brain dead and your body wants to pile up on the couch with a diet Dr Pepper and some chips. After a few months of this routine your body begins to feel sluggish, your desire to get up and go has gotten up and went. Your mood has changed and you just want to sleep, read or do nothing at all.

There are so many things that they did not tell you in nursing school. WOW how could they? When you are dealing with people there is no way to prepare for everything that will come up in your career.

For example: I was super young and at my first job. I was supposed to go into a room and help a man get his prosthetics leg on to get ready for his physical therapy.  As a 20 something young lady I had never helped anyone, nor had I seen a prosthetic put on a patient. He was trying to help and guide me as much as possible but with his recent surgery he was limited to what he could do.

With him lying in the bed it looked ok – and secure. He could move it and we thought it was attached well. Until…he stood up and put full weight on that leg when the buckle snapped and he was going down to the floor. I gained some kind of super strength that grabbed him around the waist and pushed him to his bed. Both of us landed crossways in the bed. I screamed for help, he was screaming," oh my leg!"

By the time help arrived we had decided he was ok, I was shaking all over. He began laughing because his leg was somehow lying beside him in the bed. I was lying beside him on the other side in bed and we laughed until we cried. Naturally the doctor did not see the humor that our nervous energy was laughing at but it relieved the stress.

Every nurse needs to relieve stress and I have always chosen to use more natural measures than going to a doctor and requesting a pill. Do keep in mind I will never advice someone to stop taking their prescription medications without consulting with their physician.

I have found that the essential oils work best for me in relieving stress, increasing energy, protecting me and my family health diffusing the oils into the air.

Here are a list of our favorite essential oil blends that uplift the moods.  Not just my opinions from personal experience and but also from clients experiences with them. 


Joy – very uplifting can be offensive when your body really needs it.  Nice as a perfume.

Stress Away    calming and peaceful lime and vanilla scents relax the body during stress or preventively.   Very good for grief and depression. Comes in a roll on, but many clients like to smell on a tissues throughout the day.

Peace and Calming  – nice to use when mind is racing and can't calm down. Can uplift out of a funk, or relax out of a mania.

Tranquil  Completely awesome for calming the mind and body.   Comes in a roll on put on temples, neck and ears for peace.

Forgiveness– very good for depression caused form trauma, abuse, death, or long term depression. Topical application on the abdomen as well as inhalation is excellent.

Abundance – a high frequency potent blend excellent for home or business diffusion.

Ruta-Vala comes in both a roll on and 5mL. Some use a few drops internally for serious depression and insomnia. Topical use and inhalation. Very good for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Can be offensive smell for those who really need it.

Highest Potential  – a deep tone smell this oil is very uplifting used as an anointing oil on the top of the head, in an aromatherapy necklace, or in a fan diffuser.

Thieves:  Diffuse it into the air, it kills airborne germs, mold, mildew, Put a few drops of Thieves essential oil blend in a capsule and swallow with water to support your immune system

  • Put in a few drops of Thieves essential oil blend in your dishwater or dishwasher to thoroughly clean dishes and eliminate odor
  • Diffuse Thieves essential oil blend for 15–30 minutes in your home or office to help eliminate airborne bacteria


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Angela Brooks is a mental health nurse devoting over 25 years to the nursing field. Executive Director with young living , She is the author The nurses Voice, and is a contributor to the nursing magazines "Scrubs Magazine" and "". She is the founder of, a company dedicated to helping empower nurses who works in the mental health field. Not just for nurses – but those that nurse others in life. She is the nurses voice, the voice for those unheard. Come join us in the nurse community and be encouraged. Click here



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5 thoughts on “Stressed out Nurses”

  1. Nurses are the “mommies” of healthcare. We can’t have you going ’round all stressed out. We need you!

  2. I can’t get the image of you, a strange man and a fake leg sprawled across a bed! Ha!

    As a grandmother raising teens I am thrilled to hear of people in the medical field such as yourself finding health remedies that are void of nasty chemicals and drugs! Woohoo! It is an awesome thing to be passing on to our children that all we need Nature has provided! Great article!

  3. Angela, love the interaction between your co-workers and you. In your new position you will not only be able to lead them, but nurture them as a professional in essential oils, too. Way to go, by the way…love the Thieves and Lavender.

  4. Tamarah Bartmess

    Laughter it seems can truly be the best medicine!  Thank you for what you do as a nurse and that you understand the benefits of EO’s in that role!

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