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Angela learned to use the power of the internet, social media and a blog. She learned how to use power hours to run a part-time business,  and became one of the top 1% leaders in her company with 14,000 global members before she retired from 30 years of nursing with a full pension.

She has authored two books, a blogger and LinkedIn queen of connections. She shows women simple steps to build a business along side their busy life with a family, jobs, and kiddos.

5 Reasons You Need an Email List

The beauty of an email list is that it gives you more opportunities to nurture that connection because it’s more personable

7 Back-to-School Immune Boosting Tips for Kids’ Health

The question is the air is will the kids go back to school or will families be struggling to learn how to home school kids. Not something most families had on the 2020 agenda. When we hear back-to-school we think of boxes of pencils, backpacks, new clothes and shoes. I don’t think I have ever […]

You have been lied to

It is time to stop the lies and stand up. Stop waiting for someone to give you approval, give you permission. It’s 32 days until the end of 2020. This year has been one of fear, confusion, growth, setbacks and slowdowns, and much uncertainty. We have heard the word NO enough this year for a lifetime. […]

Are you tracking your progress?

Do you track your progress in your business {{ subscriber.first_name }}?  Most people don’t.  Then they wonder why they feel like they are running on a treadmill not going anywhere. If you are in business you have heard it over and over that follow up is where your money is.  Yet people still don’t follow up […]

Do’s and Don’t for Social Media

Facebook users are going to LinkedIn and treating a business platform like they do Facebook. Each platform has a few simple tweaks to make them work. You must know the difference. Lets master the platform to get results.


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