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Building your Business Brand in Network Marketing Working from Home

5 Actions you can take on social media to maintain connections with your clients and networks

It has been almost two weeks… How are you doing? I have enjoyed my boys being home. Never thought my kids would be homeschooled and here we are doing well.  I have people asking “How do I manage my time working at home.” It’s harder than they thought it was. The key “Power hour” I agree. […]

Your story is someone else’s encouragement

I know the power of a good story. Some people are really good storytellers and then there are some who drag a story out until you are begging them inside your head to hurry up already get to the point. I didn’t want to be that storyteller. I have never really given my story much […]

What’s the most difficult thing about starting your own business

I was scrolling through Facebook and came across and post where over 548 comments had been made about their struggles in business. I didn’t read all 500 but I scrolled through a lot of them and responded to a few. Some of the comment mentioned were: Lack of confidence Lack of marketing knowledge How to […]

Do you use your mobile phone for your business

When I was growing up my mom worked at the News-Democrat Logan Leader. It was the local newspaper that everyone purchased for all the updates. They sold advertisement spots in the “classified” section, pictures of the local happenings in town and of course the town drama on the front page of who said what to […]

The fear of follow up is killing your business

Good morning Influencer!  The fortune is in the follow-up they say…The fortune is in the connection they say… Yet 70% of the time people do not follow-up. They may follow up once…  When they hear the word no they never reach out again and the next thing you know is they have signed up with […]


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