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Building your Business Brand in Network Marketing Working from Home

Why your business isn’t successful

This is why your business is not growing What does achievement mean to you? Money? Rank? Are people screaming your name? What part of your business brings you the most joy. What lights up your soul? I was guilty of running around in circles chasing the money when at the end of the day I […]

How to slay your business in less than an hour a day

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, lead generation is important. How else will you grow your business and get new wonderful people to serve? Yes, we are serving them right where they are. I am not looking to change people or wave a magic wand. As a small business owner, it’s clear you need […]

Simple steps to recruit your next rep on FB this week!

You are like me hanging out at home You may be looking for something to do or to learn to use your extra time that you now. I have had people message me and say they are feeling a bit lost or stuck wondering how you’re going to get new distributors during all these uncertain […]


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