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Building your Business Brand in Network Marketing Working from Home

Are you tracking your progress?

Do you track your progress in your business {{ subscriber.first_name }}?  Most people don’t.  Then they wonder why they feel like they are running on a treadmill not going anywhere. If you are in business you have heard it over and over that follow up is where your money is.  Yet people still don’t follow up […]

Covid-19 could cause a permanent shift towards home working

Covid-19 could permanently shift working patterns as companies forced to embrace remote working by the pandemic find that their employees do not want to return to the office once the closures are lifted. Working from home has always had a stigma over it for people in network marketing companies as if the business was fake. […]

3 things that are really simple

I have gotten lost in my business learning all the flashy tools… funnels… landing pages… being the teacher of all things. Building courses that took hours of work to build and consistently updating. Oh and hiring people to help pull it together to look presentable but not necessarily profitable.

Fact is… I always come back to three things that I use in my business consistently, rinse and repeating. That is my specialty. That is what I enjoy. That is what I will do when everyone else says it is stupid or doesn’t work.

5 Tools You Need to Start Your Own Online Business

No matter what business you are building. Build a brand around you, not the product you are selling. You and your brand are consistent and set you apart from everyone else in the company.

My Takeaways from Tony Robbins UPW

After any event, I attend it normally takes me a few days to really digest what all I learned and go over the notes I took. Google all the people that spoke and really soak it in. I spent 4 days with over 22,000 + people on a virtual “Unleash the Potential” event, the event […]


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