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It’s my Birthday and I have a gift for you

Entrepreneurs are PIVOTING now – and so should you… It’s true – there is a way to turn people’s fear into purpose and because you are the light behind a hard moment your company can and will grow fast! Everything made for evil can be transformed to your good you just have to listen! I wanna share […]

Are you taking your own advice

I spent half of my life working in a psychic hospital. Literally half of my life. I started working as a 22-year-old angry bitter young woman who was newly divorced and dove into another relationship way to fast. The atmosphere was stressful. The energy was dark. The employees were negative. I fit right in. Yes, […]

What do you believe about money

I don’t talk about money much. That’s going to change. You need money. Money is not a bad word. Do you believe that making money has to be hard? Do you relate to making money as being fun?  What I do know is the more you make the more you can give. The trick behind making […]

Why You Would Be Brain Dead Not to Own a Business

It’s Tax Season in just a few weeks.  Thank goodness I am not a CPA.  I am thankful FOR my CPA. People will start getting their W2’s and 1099’s. These documents will show all the money they are donating for free to taxes listed on the stubs.  Painfully that they will never see again. If you make $50,000 in taxable […]