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Have we met?

My business taught me that the products are the highway to meet amazing people around the globe, friends I would not have without it, stories that have changed me, personal development expanded me, It teaches you who you really are not who someone told you that you were.

The income provides experiences, the more I make means the more life’s that are changing. It is a report card, not a bragging board.

Part-time work from home

When someone hears the words work from home they immediately think it is going to be easy peesy. Work when you want too – no boss – no time clock. Most of that is true… However, there is work to be done and you are the one who has to get it done. You get […]

It has been 9 years

9 yrs … And I still enjoy opening these boxes. It was these little bottles that cleared respiratory goo that jumped on Dale and I this weekend and kept Milo my youngest son from getting it. 48hrs later and we are both good.  It was these little bottles that helped my husband in Vegas when […]


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