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Angela Brooks knew there had to be options for our health that were effective, safe, simple, and easy to share with my friends who were also searching. What I found in Young Living was so much more than I ever bargained for.

Energy, vibrance, safe products, radiant skin, convenient solutions, and a community of people who are empowered to make changes. We are always ready to grab hands as you pursue physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial freedom. I was able to find my health needs and found my freedom that replaced my nursing income to stay at home with my family. Join us and find YOUR answers!

Common Toxic Cleaning Products To Ban From Your Home (and Replace With Natural Essential Oils) 

16 Essential Oils for Powerful Prayer Anointed and Blessings with Kathleen Harvey

I invited an amazing guest speaker: Kathleen Harvey is a Diamond in our network marketing company who has a special skill of sharing the use of oils through the anointing and speaking the blessing of oils over your day your spiritual calling. 50 minutes of amazing content that I would like to share with you. * How […]

7 Back-to-School Immune Boosting Tips for Kids’ Health

The question is the air is will the kids go back to school or will families be struggling to learn how to home school kids. Not something most families had on the 2020 agenda. When we hear back-to-school we think of boxes of pencils, backpacks, new clothes and shoes. I don’t think I have ever […]

Angela is just like you

Someone ask me… Angela what is it you do exactly? I am a digital & Network Marketer. Which freaks most people out and they say something like. “Oh” – I am super proud to be connected to an industry that takes average – normal – ordinary people who say all the time “Oh I could […]

7 Incredible Travel Products You Didn’t Know You Needed

Over the last 5 years of traveling to a business location every 90 days and to baseball/ soccer weekends. I have learned some things about traveling I didn’t know before. But isn’t that about anything? I wanted to share some of my favorite things I always travel with. My family has always called me a […]

It has been 9 years

9 yrs … And I still enjoy opening these boxes. It was these little bottles that cleared respiratory goo that jumped on Dale and I this weekend and kept Milo my youngest son from getting it. 48hrs later and we are both good.  It was these little bottles that helped my husband in Vegas when […]


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