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Create Freedom in Network Marketing

Overwhelmed not knowing where to start the feeling of being completely paralyzed!

I don’t remember what night it was but we all went to sleep in one world and woke up in another. Disney ran out of magic Paris was no longer romantic New York was silent The China wall was no longer a fortress Mecca was empty Hugs and Kisses became a silent weapon Visiting friends […]

Vodka and Farts

Let’s face it, we can post to social media consistently and at all the right times, but with no engagement, connecting with new people via social media becomes more difficult. And without new connections, your business won’t grow. I posted on Facebook about how to clean using vodka and my products. You can google the […]

I don’t have time

I don’t have time… Really. How interesting your life is a hot mess, stressed and overwhelmed and you don’t have time. Hello Houston – I think we found the problem. “I don’t have the time” has become our new catch-all phrase for everything we simply don’t want to do, replacing “I’m so stressed.” The day […]

Why your business isn’t successful

This is why your business is not growing What does achievement mean to you? Money? Rank? Are people screaming your name? What part of your business brings you the most joy. What lights up your soul? I was guilty of running around in circles chasing the money when at the end of the day I […]