Would you throw $500 in the trash?

by Angela Brooks

Surely you would not throw $500 in the trash?

Today is the last day to use the $500 off coupon to get all the tips and business action steps in the business incubator social media profits PLUS You have access to me in a private group. (you will have question)

I have people ask me all the time how a nurse took her afternoons and turned them into a business. I had a huge passion to work from home and to spend more time with my family, I also knew if I stopped working as a nurse it had to be doing something that did not take away from the family bank account.

I’ve been hearing more and more from people online that they’re working harder than ever and yet they’re not experiencing the kind of results they think they should. They can’t seem to get far enough ahead to actually relax and enjoy owning their own business – they’re too busy being just another worker in their business!

I’ve been building my 6-figure business for several years, now, and I know what that feels like. I also know what it feels like to work a job, take care of my family and follow my boys to their sporting events while running my business. So yes I get it.

 Along the way, I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars in programs to learn the tips and tricks I use to earn 4 times my last nursing salary – in less time per week than most people work a full time job. ( around 15 hours )

No I didn’t always have the money at the time I began a program – I made sure I worked to get the results I needed to come out even for what I paid for the training.

 I know you don’t have the time to invest years in this – you need results now!

When I launch the brand business program – the Business Incubator: Social Media Profits. I had you in mind.

 In The Business Incubator, you’ll learn exactly what tiny tweaks you need to make to your business to take it from where it is now and help it grow big and strong. I show you everything I use in my business and I have given you all my audio, videos and trainings with worksheets to help you.

 And the best part – this isn’t learning just for its own sake. This is learning exactly how to make your business grow. No extra fluff, no upsells – just learning exactly what you need to do to achieve the massive success that’s been so hard for you to actually achieve.

This is a brand new program – and a brand new kind of program, one I developed specifically because I saw so many people needing this. No one has anything like this –

The Business Incubator is a 6 weeks program. – I want to help YOU achieve the success you’ve been looking for!

 There’s so much packed into the lesson modules for the Business Incubator – I can’t tell you all about it – I gave you three days of a peek inside a mini series of the social media profits.

The Business Incubator – the secret to growing your business and your profits to the next level you’ve dreamed of! Don’t throw $500 in the trash because your making excuses – seriously it is time to get work.


Let’s build a tribe,
Angela Brooks

PS –The Business Incubator last day you can use the coupon code:  SocialMP, and get $500 off the cost of the program, don’t wait – put your business in The Incubator today and start seeing the growth and profits you’ve been waiting for!
(yes the coupon is case sensitive)

Here is the link: http://angelabrook.com/the-business-incubator

Angela Brooks is a retired nurse after 25 years in mental health. She used her lunch breaks to build her business part time on the night shift. Her car became a mobile university as she listened to business training, coaching calls on CD and phone webinars. She blogged while she was at her sons' baseball practices.

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