The Ultimate Lie…I don’t have time

by Angela Brooks

I was driving down the road today thinking in the quiet of the van. No Kids – nowhere to really go but back home. The conversation I had not once but three times this week still rang in my ears.

I had someone come to my office and sounded very nasally, congested. As she said, “I have always had bad allergies.” However she was not doing anything to make herself feel better…she said “I don’t have time to go to the doctor all the time and pay for the medications they want to give me. She allowed me to apply a drop of Lavender between her eyes. We continue talking and within minutes the congestion was breaking up. Even though the lavender worked, for her she still used the same excuse. “I don’t have time to place the order, and I don’t have the money.”

Another conversation congratulated me on my new book “The Nurse’s Voice” – and said, “I always wanted to write a book but I have never had the time.

Yet another conversation came to my office – He was making his rounds say goodbye- that day was his last day at work – he was returning to school to be a doctor. I was so thrilled to hear he was finally going to pursue his dream. The words that caught my attention – he said, “it is time.”

When is the time right?

When are you ready? When do you have things lined up to make it work flawlessly?

I worked in the same routine for 21 years, wanting to do something different, waiting for the time to retire, the time to have enough money, the time to work a better shift…time was rolling by.

I have always had a dream of working from home with a big business. I never knew what kind of business; I was just drawn to that industry.

Last year I stepped so far out of my comfort zone working on my business and classes on very little sleep and not once did I think about quitting. I had a focus that I wanted to work towards – a dream that wanted out of my pocket where it had been pushed down for so many years.

I worked three days a week 13 hours night shifts…coming home to sleep 3-4 hours before I had to go get the kids at school, come back home make supper, clean the kitchen and hit my office with the energy that was left. Whew – that makes me tired reading it…but I kept my head down and stayed focused.

December 2011 looks so different from December 2010!

You will never find the time until you make it. You will never have enough money until you go get it. You will never live out a dream sitting in your lazy boy kicked back watching Lucy.

Next year, Next month or next week… time is here for you to do something with it. You were designed for a mission. The one that burns in your belly that comes out of your mouth as “I wish”, “Someday”, I would love too….

Do yourself a favor…do something scary – REAL – scary and do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true. I do not have all the answers you will need, but I am not going to stop learning, applying and striving.

 I was a little uncomfortable releasing this story some people were sorry it happened – some were able to relate – two it gave them courage to step out of the small box they have been living in. Wonder what it will do for you?

Don’t leave without leaving a comment – you deserve to live the big life.

It is time. I challenge you to live big! Get started.

Angela Brooks is a mental health nurse educator who spent the last 22 years working in a state funded mental hospital. In ‘A Nurses Story’, she shares not only what her patients have taught her over the years, but what we can all learn from those we consider ‘at the  margins of society’. But it’s also a book about nursing, about nurses, and about how a nurse healed alongside her patients. Ultimately, “A Nurses Story” exposes a raw truth – that each of us, individually, can inspire self-worth and purpose in every life we touch, if only we choose to.

What are nurses really thinking? What causes them to be frustrated and want to quit nursing even when they love taking care of people? What makes nurses stay, even when it feels like everything is against them?  In ‘A Nurses Story’, you’ll discover the answer.  

The words in this book give voice to the millions of men and women who care for us and our loved ones every day in our most vulnerable times.  ‘A Nurses Story’ is their story.


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