The Power of Fear

by Angela Brooks

The Astonishing Power of Fear



Swivet (SWIV-it) — a word of uncertain origin — is a state of nervous excitement, haste,
or anxiety.

Have you ever been tempted to squeeze someone's irresistibly cute bottom?
Tell a judge where he can stick that speeding ticket?
Claim a tax deduction you don't really deserve?
Drink and drive?

So why didn't you?

What's that you say? You don't do those things because you're a "good" person?

Well, while your application for sainthood is being processed, consider the rest of us 
imperfect folks who are sorely tempted to do all of those things and still don't…
simply because we fear the consequences.

In a word, "jail."

It's a rational fear. Fact is, here in America — "the land of the free" —
one out of every 98 adults is behind bars. More than 2.3 million of the
225 million adults in the U.S.woke up this morning in a federal or state
prison or a local jail. Almost  as many people who live in Chicago live
behind bars.

That leaves about 222.7 million of us grownups outside the prison walls
including former prisoners,folks on the lam, folks who probably should
be on the lam (presidential candidates, Congress, most bureaucrats,
whole-life insurance reps, every lawyer but mine, etc.), and, of course,
the rest of us.

To one degree or another, every one of us has tempered our behavior
even refused to do something we probably should have done — because
we fear winding up in the pokie.

But fear does more than keep us from doing the less-than-praiseworthy
things we want to do.It also compels us to do things that we would never
do voluntarily.

Slightly more than 145 million of us labor all year for the privilege of
handing over a big chunk of our income to politicians and bureaucrats
in federal and state income taxes, sales taxes,property taxes, automobile
licensing taxes, excise taxes, taxes imbedded in the price of every
product we buy, the inflation tax, and other government taxes and fees.

Because if we didn't, we could lose everything we own — or maybe wind up in jail.


We spend billions on all kinds of insurance to protect ourselves and
our families from things that will probably never happen.


Millions of Americans vote for Democrats because they fear global

Millions more vote for Republicans  they fear Democrats

What are you afraid of?

There are benefits in the business of fulfilling desires — like the desire for greater
wealth, better health, more fulfilling and more enduring relationships, the respect
or even the envy of peers, and much more.

But every benefit is just one side of a coin. The other side is a fear.
Because while people desire all these things, they also fear NOT having them.
They fear being  obolary and dependent… being sick and in pain… being abandoned
and left alone… and scorned by others.

We all know that smoking will kill us — someday — yet millions of us still smoke.
And of course, we all know that Double Whoppers and Double Quarter-Pounders with
Cheese will eventually clog our arteries and doom us to a heart attack or stroke —
yet McDonald's and Burger King sell billions of dollars' worth of this toxic
(but mouth-watering) stuff every year.

So why doesn't the fear of a poverty-stricken retirement or lung cancer or a heart attack
or stroke motivate us to change our behavior?

Simple: The pleasure we get from spending our money… or chowing down on a thick,
greasy burger…or savoring an after-dinner smoke. is immediate. The price we pay won't
be exacted for years or even decades.


 IMG001131 Suicide is Never an Option

Angela is a nurse that has worked for 22 years in the same state funded
hospital assisting some clients that others might refuse to treat. She works
in the psychiatric ward.

At 5' 7" tall many of the patients she treats come in shackles and tower over
here, but  this power packed woman is able to release peace into a chaotic

Listen in as she shares weekly some of the events that she has experienced, learning
to love those who others have forsaken and tips on how to bring peace to your own life.

She also runs her own company on the side teaching other nurses how
to bring passion into their role at work. Offering alternative health insights,
out of the box remedies for speaking to people and more….
Angela's blogtalk radio show is laser sharp for today's world!

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Angela Brooks is a retired nurse after 25 years in mental health. She used her lunch breaks to build her business part time on the night shift. Her car became a mobile university as she listened to business training, coaching calls on CD and phone webinars. She blogged while she was at her sons' baseball practices.

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