Tapping my foot at the Grand Ole Opry

by Angela Brooks

This weekend was a little get away for my husband and I. We try to go away for the weekend without the boys a couple of times a year. This was one of our weekends. We stayed in a amazing suite, got Limo'ed over to the Ryman Auditorium, 10 rows back from the stage tapping our feet to the sounds of good ole country music inside music city.

The history that has stood on that stage is mind boggling. The auditorium is small, filled with old wooden church pews type seats. The entertainment made the time slip by so fast it did not feel like 2.5 hour show.

After walking down 5th Ave to breathe in the crowd and excitement of downtown Nashville on a Saturday night – the Predators hockey team just won their game and the Tennessee Titans fans were gearing up for Sundays game. The energy was loud and buzzing with energy.

We grabbed a cab to head back to our hotel I watched the people who were walking. How many of those people were living their dream life? or did they even have a dream that were focusing on. Do you?

So many people walk through life in a fog and have no plan or focus. They think good things happen to other people but not them. Good things happen to people who make them happen.

As a nurse I have witnessed people who have been so angry at themselves they self inflict abuse, drop deep into depression, lash out at other people. No one has ever told them they have control over their own mind and how they choose to live. We feel as if someone is going to walk up to us and wave a magic wand and life will all be ok.

HUGE TIP: You do not have to have any ones permission to live a good life. To be happy. To reach for your dreams even if no one around you believes in you. You have to believe and move in the direction that leads you.

I have listened to many stories of clients that self medicate with drugs and alcohol to quieten the past – the life that they had – the one that is behind them. Every day we wake up we have the chance to start fresh – to live out our dreams.

This has been an adventure for me personally. Over the last year I have began reaching for dreams that I did not think were possible. As of last week I am a published author of the book "The Nurse's Voice". I run a business online that works while I am sitting at the Ryman with my husband enjoying the evening.

We have all worked for a boss and not always for ones that cared about our best interest. It is time to believe you can manage your own time. I do not want to ask someone permission to have a day off to spend with my family. I want to be an example of living life caring for people as a nurse with true passion. You know the kind where you can serve the whole person. I would love for you to join me in 2012. I have hired an business coach that is grooming my mindset – my business and holding me accountable for my own dreams. She is helping me reach out and grab things that I thought was out of reach. I want to do that for you. Will you join me?

Click on this link "Taken back my life!". I want to share with you how I can tap my foot to good ole country music and run my business with my smart phone holding my husbands hand. My favorite phrase is "You do you." No one knows your dreams or what leads you.

When I walked into a western boot store this weekend it hit me. Why am I trying to shop for clothes that are not me – I love boots and jeans – western belts – country music and sharing my passion with people. I am going to "do me" – "You do you".

You now have permission – 2012 can be a year that looks nothing like today.

Angela Brooks

Here is the link again: click I want to do me!

Angela Brooks is a mental health nurse educator who spent the last 22 years working in a state funded mental hospital. In 'A Nurses Story', she shares not only what her patients have taught her over the years, but what we can all learn from those we consider 'at the  margins of society'. But it's also a book about nursing, about nurses, and about how a nurse healed alongside her patients. Ultimately, "A Nurses Story" exposes a raw truth – that each of us, individually, can inspire self-worth and purpose in every life we touch, if only we choose to.

What are nurses really thinking? What causes them to be frustrated and want to quit nursing even when they love taking care of people? What makes nurses stay, even when it feels like everything is against them?  In 'A Nurses Story', you'll discover the answer.  

The words in this book give voice to the millions of men and women who care for us and our loved ones every day in our most vulnerable times.  ‘A Nurses Story’ is their story.

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Angela Brooks is a retired nurse after 25 years in mental health. She used her lunch breaks to build her business part time on the night shift. Her car became a mobile university as she listened to business training, coaching calls on CD and phone webinars. She blogged while she was at her sons' baseball practices.

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