Angela Brooks

Can you really succeed with consistence

April 20, 2015

Can you really succeed with consistence The answer is HELL YES! As I have grown in my business and began coaching people along  the way to grow their own business in Young Living Essential Oils – the one common hold back in people who say they want to build a business is consistence. They buy […]

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Blogging Hacks Top Three Reasons People Don’t Blog

April 16, 2015

Top Three reasons people do not blog 1. My writing is not good enough 2. I don’t have enough time 3. I don’t know what to write about Actually there are four 4. Most people are worried others will be critical – and they will.   Worried others will be critical of their writing Don’t […]

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100 Club Member for Essential Oils

April 9, 2015

  People underestimate the power of words that are in blogging content. In the Social Media Profits course where I teach about all the tools that I have used in my business and why they have been such a business builder for me to be able to leave my job of 25 1/2 years as […]

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Network Marketing College and Career Day

April 2, 2015

  I was invited to speak to a group of kids 3rd graders through 8th grade for college career day. Of course the 8th grade kiddos were a little more focused on what they wanted to do and if they even wanted to go to college. At least at this point of the game. Not […]

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How business for Angela Brooks Has Impacted Her Life

March 5, 2015

Angela has run a business her business while she worked a full time job and raised her two boys that were busy in sports. She shared her busy life on Facebook and twitter while she traveled with the baseball team, most of the time from the bleachers or a hotel room. Using only her smartphone […]

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